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                IP Geolocation and
                Threat Intelligence API

                Lookup the location and threat profile of any IP Address to localize your website content, analyze logs, enrich forms, target ads, enforce GDPR compliance, perform redirections, block countries, detect VPNs and more.

                Trusted by thousands of companies

                The Best Data in the Industry

                We provide a fast, highly available IP Geolocation API backed by accurate data.

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                Geolocation Data

                Locate your website visitors by IP Address with city and postal code granularity.

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                Threat Intelligence

                Check if an IP Address is listed in any of 100+ OSINT Threat Feeds instantaneously.

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                Proxy & VPN Detection

                Detect anonymous users to protect your business from fraud and abuse.

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                Company Data

                Get the AS Organization and number of any IP Address.

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                Usage Type Data

                Determine whether an IP Address belongs to an ISP, Datacenter/Hosting or Business.

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                Fresh Data

                We update hundreds of data sources roughly every 15 minutes.

                Use Cases

                How ipdata makes a difference in your business

                We help you prevent fraud on your ecommerce store. Stop fake account signups on your SaaS or App. Manage GDPR and CCPA regulatory compliance. Localize or fence your website's content based on a user's location and analyze logs and website traffic.

                Localize your website content

                Show users events, flights, ads, stores or the weather near them in the correct language, timezone & currency.

                Prevent Fraud and Free Trial Abuse

                Reduce the occurence of chargebacks or free trial quota abuse by fake spammy accounts.

                Proxy and VPN Detection

                Protect your business site from abuse in the form of ban circumvention, promotional offer abuse, site scrapers etc

                Apply Geographic Restrictions

                Only serve users in states you have a license to. Gate your content by country or continent and other geo-compliance.


                What our customers are saying

                More than 40,000+ developers depend on us for IP Intelligence.

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                "ipdata allowed us to develop new features on our app and personalize the experience of our customers. Their service is really easy to use and to implement.”

                Gala Pillot
                Gala Pillot

                “ipdata helps us prevent spammy signups on our newsletters. We've used it a couple of years and it's been rock solid the whole time with no outages...”

                Peter Cooper
                Peter Cooper
                Get it done

                Build your business on reliable IP Intelligence

                Build location aware applications and protect your business from bad actors with the most reliable IP Geolocation service.